Trusted Landfill Maintenance & Construction

Presently, modern landfills are well-engineered and managed facilities for the disposal of solid waste. Landfills are located, designed, operated, and monitored to ensure compliance with federal regulations. They are also designed to protect the environment from contaminants, which may be present in the waste stream.

New cell and sub-cell construction generally consist of a clay-based liner with a double geo-membrane and composite liner systems which prevents contaminants from penetrating natural ground water. ACS Inc. installs an engineered leachate collection system which collects and stores leachate to then be transferred to a wastewater treatment facility.  Landfill cap construction presently uses a geo-membrane closure system which prevents both groundwater from penetrating the waste below and seals the landfill gas from creating high-methane emissions into the atmosphere. These systems can be covered with a vegetative support material or a turf style covering.

General landfill maintenance includes ground water testing, vegetation control, erosion control, and monitoring settlement rates to ensure gas collection systems and membrane closure systems function properly.

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